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Live Train Status, PNR Status & Indian Rail Info

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Mô tả của Live Train Status, PNR Status & Indian Rail Info

Most trusted app to check LIVE Train Status, PNR Status & prediction, Indian Rail info ,Seat Availability with confirmation prediction, Train Time Table & more.

Whether you are a daily commuter, a business traveler or on a vacation, this is a must have app for Indian Railways train travelers. RailYatri maintains one of the largest and most updated databases of the Indian Railways and is designed by the inventors of RailRadar - India's 1st GPS train tracking system.

You can also book train tickets, food on train, bus tickets and much more to complete your travel.

We give lots of value added content to our users to help them save on money, time and make right travel decisions. Few features pioneered by RailYatri:

- Simplest and easiest way to check train running status by just providing train number. If you are on train use GPS Status that also works offline, i.e. no internet is needed to see GPS train status on train.

- Check if your waitlisted PNR will get confirmed to plan better. Also, get automatic updates about PNR Status change & chart preparation status. For your convenience PNR will be auto-read from SMS by RailYatri and a trip will get added. We also notify during your journey when to expect scenic view during your trip.

- Simple and easy way to book fresh meals for your journey. Our food vendors use RY partner app to track your train and prepare fresh meals to be served at your seat on your preferred choice of station.

- Download once and access Time Table for offline use. This helps to save data costs.

- Find out the platform number, coach position, seat and berth layout even before boarding your train.

- Fellow travellers share wisdoms and insights from their travel. This helps our users to stay updated and plan well.

- Get assistance & human help for booking train tickets through agents.

- Know seat availability & find out seat confirmation chances based on predictive algorithm using historical trends. Find out how many tickets are being booked per hour to help you get confirmed seats.

- Know Fare for various categories and find out station to station and catering charges break up.

- In case of medical emergency, you can now easily check for hospitals nearest to the stations on your route.

- RailYatris can now book bus tickets instantly through our trusted operators. Avail upto 30% discount on your first bus ticket through RailYatri. Save more!

- Book hourly stays, why pay full if you just need it for few hours to fresh up and go.Try it now!


- Please note that PNR Status service is unavailable between 11:30 PM & 12:30 AM

- For any issues email us at feedback@railyatri.in & we will be happy to investigate any matter.

- Some permissions requested by RailYatri app at launch are:


We need this permission to automatically add trips by reading IRCTC SMS.


In case of no internet while on board of a train, you may simply send SMS to us with pre-filled information like 10 digit PNR to order food


You can directly call train ticket agents to book tickets. This is also needed in case of medical emergency on trains.


Share your trip with friends & families and allow them to subscribe for your PNR & train running status updates.

This app is not affiliated with CRIS, NTES or IRCTC.

ứng dụng đáng tin cậy nhất để kiểm tra tình trạng hoạt Train, PNR Status & dự báo, thông tin đường sắt Ấn Độ, Seat Availability với dự báo xác nhận, tàu Thời gian Bảng & nhiều hơn nữa.

Cho dù bạn là một người đi lại hàng ngày, một khách du lịch kinh doanh hoặc một kỳ nghỉ, đây là một ứng dụng phải có cho Đường sắt Ấn Độ đào tạo du khách. RailYatri duy trì một trong những cơ sở dữ liệu lớn nhất và cập nhật nhất của Đường sắt Ấn Độ và được thiết kế bởi các nhà phát minh của RailRadar - tàu GPS hệ thống theo dõi 1 của Ấn Độ.

Bạn cũng có thể đặt vé tàu, thực phẩm trên tàu, vé xe buýt và nhiều hơn nữa để hoàn thành chuyến du lịch của bạn.

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